Conoce a Monica Torres, “Matchmaker” Casamentera

In recent years I have dedicated myself to the search for candidates in Human Resources. In this search, one has to have a good eye. During this pandemic, many people in different relationships – friends, families and acquaintances – have approached me for personal consultation on their sentimental life. Knowing that I have been able to help save some relationships gives me a great satisfaction.

With patience and dedication, I’ve used my talent and intuition to bring each client one step closer to the passion of new romance.


  • Enjoy feeling safe and secure with contractually guaranteed dates, verified profiles, background checks, and drug tests.
  • A few dating tips go a long way to create a great first impression. Take advantage of Monica’s expert advice and her interactive client rapport.
  • All dates, from brunch to dinner, are scheduled, booked, and arranged for clients. Feel relaxed while enjoying task and hassle free dating.
  • Monica views chemistry as the key to emotional connections and has found that opposites attract. She has a fine tuned perception of matching clients and consistently helps them find what they are looking for.
  • Share ratings, feelings, and opinions of your matches with Monica and utilize her expertise and advice on the early stages of dating. Enjoy your new romance with the guidance of a quality touch.
  • Become the next in the growing legion of successful couples united by Monica. Whether you want the world to know Monica brought the two of you together or keep it to yourselves, your elation is Monica’s elation.


  • With the free consultation you get first class advice, expert analysis, and inspirational interaction, all dedicated to optimize successful results for you.
  • Share your life story; tell us your true desires. Spend two hours with us so that we can accurately arrive at a premium first impression.