Why choose Matchmaker – Monica Torres

That is the way I do it
I look in the database to match the perfect fit, according with the client’s request. Important: it’s about a connection which is so unexplainable that only one word defines it, Love. I believe in love; everybody deserves it.

How do I know that you have the type of partner that I am looking for?
Matchmaker typically strives to map out two to three introductions when consulted for the first time. If an immediate solution is not present, Matchmaker will inform you that it may take a little longer to find your style of happiness. The clearer the communication between client and Matchmaker, the better the understanding of how we can muster success for you.

What type of clients do you have?
Monica Torres is said to represent the baby boomer generation. Our services tend to be popular with a demographic, in general, from ages 40 to 80. Majority of our clients will be college educated with higher degrees of Master’s or PhD. The variety of professional achievement of our clients is something we are very proud of.

Often female clients will be beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, and come to us with the challenge of meeting quality gentlemen.

The gentlemen clients will often have achieved great business and career success, but at a cost of relationship success. Many have recently realized their desire to seek true commitment and have realized monogamy is the key to success in a relationship.

In both male and female clients help me to those who have lost spouses and have had enough time lapse to go through the grieving process and are now emotionally ready to move on and find love again.

All clients typically have a similar theme, they seek someone special to build a future with.

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